What is a Thai massage in Hong Kong?


A Thai massage is a technic from Thailand. It involves stretching of the muscles. the masseuse will not only use her hands but also her foot, knees and elbows. In Hong Kong this technic will be performed by local masseuses, not by Thai. because of Thailand’s reputation with the sex industry, he name Thai massage is often confused as a sexual service. This is really the opposite. Its a very strong massage, could be painful. not recommended meant a relaxing massage.

hai massage is carried on a receive. This is the art and science in the health of Thai people. Despite the technological advances of modern medicine will play an important role. In the health care of people around the world. However, many people are. Seek other alternatives. In their health care. With different Thai traditional medicine as an alternative. For the health of Aachen. And popular. Growing.

There have been a pain medication. And I kind of sedative. And the complications. Some types of pain such as severe abdominal pain, ulcers in the stomach. Vomiting of blood.

Research support from the Thai massage. Can help relieve pain. It is useful.