Chinese massage


Chinese medicine is a very old and traditional discipline in which massage as well as acupuncture and acupressure have an important place. Traditional Chinese medicine has its focus on the bodily energy and restoring any disruptions in the flow of this energy in order to help cure and prevent sickness and health issues. By looking at the body as a whole instead of looking at a health issue as an isolated part of the human body, treating an injury or health problem can be taken care of and even be prevented in the future by searching for the cause of the issue in the body itself. In this tradition the correlation between different body parts is extremely important to understand the human body and the reason injuries occur.

Traditional Chinese massage

A traditional Chinese massage is a lot more than just a relaxing treatment because of its medicinal background and its focus on the balance between body and mind. The masseuse will treat any injuries, energy blocks and health issues by restoring the natural flow of the bodily energy. For smaller health issues like head aches, stress, tiredness and sore muscles a traditional Chinese massage can work wonders. By making sure both the body and mind are relaxed, balanced and injuries are treated the masseuse can provide much more than just a relaxed feeling after having a massage. For severe medical issues it is recommended to see your doctor for advise and treatment. Traditional Chinese massage can be a part of the healing process for diverse issues, always consult your doctor for severe medical issues also.

Chinese massage techniques

A traditional Chinese massage has several important elements that can be used seperately or within one session to enhance the effect of the treatment. For example Anmo, which is pressing and rubbing, is a technique used to the body healthy and young. Using this massage technique can help the body stay vital and prevent health issues. Tuina is a pressure technique which is used for treating health issues concerning muscles and joints for example. By applying pressure on the soft tissue of the body muscle aches and other internal health issues can be treated. Dian Xue is a technique that uses simple pressure techniques that are simular to techniques used for acupressure. By combining these techniques to treat certain health issues the massage will be personalized to make sure the client gets the best treatment possible. By treating health issues, removing blockages and restoring the free flow of the bodily energy the result of the massage will be an overall healthy and energized feeling of both the body and mind.

Health benefits

Traditional Chinese massage is based on the main principles of traditional Chinese medicine and is a part of this discipline. The massage has its focus on the free flow of energy and the balance between mental and physical well being. To restore the free flow of energy and the balance between the body and mind, acupressure and several pressure techniques are used to treat a wide range of health issues. Besides the relaxing effect of a massage which can help treat stress related issues and tiredness, traditional Chinese massage has several other benefits. It can help treat issues like muscle aches and sore joints by treating the sore areas. By treating not only the sore muscle or joint, but look at the health issue as part of a bigger picture the cause and origin of the issue can be pointed out and treated. Also the massage can help make the body more flexible and enhance the blood circulation which makes the client feel energized an revived after the treatment.