Approaches to massage therapy


In the Western society massage therapy is usually seen as a relaxing treatment to pamper yourself, while the Eastern approach has its focus on improving the personal health by getting a massage. Every massage technique has a different approach to stressed bodies and health issues. Since there are numerous reasons to book a massage it is very important to book a massage that will meet your needs. Booking a sports massage when looking for relaxation is of no use, as is booking a relaxing massage when suffering from tense muscles and health issues that need more attention.

Muscle aches

Muscle aches are very common health issues that has spread around the globe since over half of the working people spend their days behind a desk. Sore necks, backs, wrists and elbows are common complaints that can be easily treated by a professional masseuse. By treating the sore area tension can be released and the blood can flow freely which makes the tension less in the muscle. The relaxing part of the massage itself helps to relax tense muscles, especially when the tension is stress related or caused by an incorrect posture at work. A relaxing massage at a spa or massage parlour can do the trick. For more serious muscle aches a Thai massage can be very helpful. People who have had massages before and can handle high pressure on their body can benefit greatly from a Thai massage.

Stress and tiredness

Stress and tiredness seems to be part of life nowadays. Juggling work, houshold chores, finances and a busy social life can have its effect on both the mental and physical health. Especially stress can be a huge factor in the overall healthy feel of the body and can influence several health issues. By booking a relaxing massage, hot stone massage or hot oil treatment for example you will give yourself the opportunity to completely relax and let go of stress, tiredness and negative feelings that can be of influence of your immune system and your sleep. A relax massage can help both the body and mind relax and help treat areas in the body that are affected by stress. Also a hot stone treatment or hot oil massage can help you relax and let go of any negative thoughts that can have part in a tired and stressed body and mind.


When dealing with injuries a massage can help when the masseuse is aware of the actual issue. By treating the area around the injury the pain and discomfort can be treated. For severe injuries it is wise to book a treatment with a specialist experienced in treating injuries like a sports massage therapist or a chiropractor. For small injuries a Thai massage, relaxing massage or Swedish massage can help to release the pain. By taking the time to relax and enjoy your body, pain can be released. Also by treating the areas around the injured area blood can flow freely and the tension around the injured area can dissappear.

Issues with the immune system

At certain times of the year it seems that everybody gets a cold. The immune system is not at its best and falling ill seems to be part of the deal. By treating your body well and eating healthy a lot of trouble can be prevented. By booking a massage or treating yourself with a visit at the spa your health can get a boost. A massage can boost your health and your energy. By relaxing the body and stroking and kneading tense areas toxic fluids can be drained and tense areas can relax. The overall realxing feeling will give an energy boost and a well performed massage has several proven health benefits that can boost your immune system.