Erotic massage Hong Kong

Erotic massage or sensual massage is a massage technique in order to arouse sexual feelings or strengthen. Like massage for medical purposes, have a long history of erotic massages. Today it is by couples as foreplay or part of their sexual love-game set. Erotic massages are focused on the erogenous zones of the body in order to arouse sexual desire.

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I am writing this to share my massage story in Hong Kong on 25-Dec-2011 and appreciate your comments, views or explanations to some of the actions and suspicious situations I encountered.


It all began at HK airport on the 24th and due to flight delays, I missed my connecting flight and left with the only option to stay in HK for the night at least, after rounds of anger and stress, I managed to let myself accept the fact that my short holiday over the Christmas period is vanishing away, flights are fully booked and restrictions on passport validity, empty pages …etc… is making it even more difficult, I decided since I am travelling from a long distance to cut short the travel plan and spend another day maybe in HK and then return home.

On the 25th, I took a taxi to downtown HK, Kowloon and checked in a 5-star hotel and I decided to spend the day exploring the city massage parlours and get some treatments which I feel I need anyway, I allocated a budget to spend 1000-1500 HKD which is about $140-$200 US.

Downtown Kowloon

I started walking the streets in DT Kowloon around 11:00 am and 10 minutes later, I was given a colored page by an old woman offering massage starting from 98 HKD, I told her it is still early in the day, but she insisted that at least I come up and see the place and so I did, she led me through a very narrow entrance to an inside of a building and the elevator took us up to the 8th floor, the place was simply a small flat with 3 or 4 small rooms and not very tidy, not very clean, but you do not feel grossly disgusted, on the way up, she was calling somebody !!!???

The place looked empty and apparently not ready yet to receive clients, I told the woman that I will come back in few hours to have a foot massage for 30 minutes, she phoned again ??!!!

When we arrived at the building entrance, a short and more than usual stocky body for a Chinese (lady) with bigger than usual breast for a Chinese (lady) appeared and stated she is ready to carry out the massage now, I told her I just want 30 minutes foot massage and I decided to go along with it, she took me to another flat which is only 1-floor up and this place was much better, well equipped with several chairs for foot massage and 2-separate rooms for full body massages, a shower and a cashier entrance, I am still not very sure why I was taken to that upper floor place in the first place ??!!!

She started the session as it should be by soaking my feet in a small hot tub, then she turned the TV on, opened all the lights and prepared the oils …etc… She then commenced the actual massage, I had a feeling that she could be a Ladyboy as this type of body is very uncommon in HK, I could be mistaken ??!!! In any case, she was trying to make eye contact with me all the time by asking if the massage is OK and offering body massage …etc…, she was apparently trying to attract me by some light movements trying to imply sexy atmosphere, but I did not give any chance for that and kept busy watching TV…. Still, every once and a while, she would remind me if I want body massage pointing to the therapy rooms and shower, I denied. The massage quality was generally good.

At the end, the check was 98 HKD as announced in the colored page and I paid 120 HKD considering some tip, still I could see the disappointment in her face as I was leaving away …. Obviously, the volume of my business was unsatisfactory ???!!!!

Massage parlours

I came back down strolling the busy streets of Kowloon, shortly, I realized there are many of such businesses facilities scattered all around the DT, I went up to another one and opened the door, a cheerful lady at the reception greeted me, I requested foot massage, she replied that only body massage is available now, a therapist appeared shortly from a semi-dark small room inside, she was not very pretty, I thanked them and left to a main street when I saw a big sign board for Foot Massage, I went up, the place is fairly small, 3 small rooms, a shower and a small reception area with 3 massage chairs for foot massage, the place is overall fair and you could say “clean” encouraged by the young staff, I requested 30 minutes foot massage and the preparations went ahead, the girl was typical Chinese, slim, energetic and focused.

The receptionist who also appeared to be the business owner, was going in-out the place, she was also young and relatively well dressed. The therapist tried many times to have a prolonged eye contact with me and again offered body massage while presenting the shower and massage rooms facilities, I told her, I will think about it, she continued the foot massage and also the mysterious barely noticeable sexy implications ….. the receptionist came near the end and offered me a combo to include a 30-minutes back body massage, the foot massage was Very Good and I took the offer on the condition it will be pressing only as I do not want to get dirty with oil and shower in a place like that ….. we moved to the massage room, a small private room with typical pros. massage table, I kept my shirt and my pants on, she started pressing my back, neck, arms, legs …etc… while doing that, she climbed up on the table above me while I was face down several times, then she requested me to turn around and started pressing my shoulders and head, near the end, I started to feel relaxed and she offered me another combo with additional 30 minutes of soft oil massage on my back and shoulder, I informed her that I do not wish to shower here, she replied that I do not have to shower, she will just spread little oil and then clean the oil with a wet towel, I found it reasonable, the combo will cost now 100+100+100 = 300 HKD, good deal anyway for 90-minutes of various massages.

Shortly she came back with a big towel and requested me to undress, I took only my shirt off and informed her to apply the soft oil massage on my upper body only, I was head down again on the table …. Oil spread on my back and massaged, after the back side is complete in about 20 minutes, she brought a wet towel and wiped / rubbed away the oil from my body.

She requested me then to turn around and did little massage around the arms and then wanted to unbutton my pants, I moved he hands gently away and unbuttoned that my self to allow access of my upper hip for massage – if required -, she spread some oil on my chest and arms and started to massage while laughing in a Girly ??!!!! way, I was cool and totally tired after a depressing day in the airport , I showed no reactions whatsoever, a minute later, she pointed to my underwear and directly asked me:” hand job”, I replied: “no hand job”, she confirmed: “no hand job”, I reconfirmed back:” no”.

She then quickly in a stressed and disappointed way wrapped the session by bringing again a wet towel and wiped / rubbed away the oil from my body. But before she was about to leave the room, I told he to wait and gave her a tip of about 120 HKD for the good job she did during the entire 90 minutes massage telling her: ”this is for you …. For your good job” her face turned different and she was somehow smiling, I am not sure why I have done that ???!!! is it really for the good massage ??? or is it to compensate her for any lost income ???!!! or is it to convey a message that a good tip could happen if you do a good professional job ….. I am really not sure. The total check was 300 HKD paid to the business owner and I was greeted at the door with a smile, it was an overall good experience.

Sauna Spa

I was back on the streets around 1:30 pm and noticed a big large sign “Noble Spa & Sauna”. I read previously about up scale massage spas in HK and thought probably this is one of them, I continued the walk searching for a bite as I was hungry and had enough massages in the morning. Later, I returned to that place where I found a very formal reception lady, she informed me that I am welcome and they offer spa, sauna, massage … all inclusive, 90-minutes for 680 HKD, I came in to further explore the place, I was then guided by a working boy there who showed me the lockers area, the place was Very Clean, Very Fancy with Superior Facilities for relaxation and certainly worth the 680 HKD, but no other guests ???!!! only me ???!!!!, the boy greeted me again saying: “enjoy your self” , I told him I do not want to take my clothes off and that all I want is a foot massage, I requested him to show me the massage area, he gave me a swimming short, clean towel and a slipper
and replied with bad English: “ take a shower …. All your personals in the locker …. No problem …. Enjoy your self …..”. I could not see any massage therapist or the massage room which are located further inside, I could only see the Jacuzzi, the pool, the showers and the lockers.

I insisted that I am not comfortable with the arrangement, I do not like to wear shorts used previously by others even if they are washed and I requested a manager to talk to as I need only to make foot massage, I returned to the reception, a minute later a manager boy, very well dressed with funny hair showed me a small menu card as follows: Massage only 680 HKD, with hj 980 HKD and with full service 1260 HKD, it was obvious that the only way to try this facility is to go through the entire process starting from taking the clothes off, shower, sauna, spa and then massage and then the extras ….???!!! There was no way to see or confirm the therapists type. I declined and went away but with big suspicion that this could be gay oriented facility….???!!!!!

Not far away from that place, I saw a very neat sign for a “Sauna & Spa” inside a shopping mall in the basement area, I came down, the reception had 3-ladies with very formal and high class clothing, very clean, 5-stars expensive decorations, the sign at the reception showed a membership fee of 30,000 HKD, I inquired if they do have foot massage and whether this facility is for members only, they replied it is open for members and non-members and they offer all kind of massages which comes in a package with spa, sauna, shower …..etc…. the price for 45 minutes foot massage is 372 HKD inclusive ….

I decided to try such a place and see what goes inside, I was encouraged by the quality of the scene and saw 2 or 3 members clients coming in, the facility / club had a fully equipped gym and 2-separate entrances, one for men guests and one for women guests.

I walked in the facility and was received by 2 working boys who wanted to start to help me undress and get my stuff in the locker, I declined the procedure and requested to have only the massage done with my clothes on, offcourse, I had to take my shoes off before going inside as the whole facility behind the lockers and changing room is wet and clean areas, after rounds of arguments that I should undress, I agreed to take only shirt off , I will NOT wear a short used previously by others and I do not want to take off my pants and underwear in a place which I do not know anything yet about.

I took the shirt off and the boys helped hanging it in the locker, they stored my shoes away and while I was putting on the rope, a boy came in from the back and tried to help my hands to tie the knots of the rope, I tried to push his arms away, I managed with difficulty, it was weird and did not feel right ???!!!!!!

I stepped after that into the main area, very fancy, 5-stars for sure, large saloons with TV’s and bar, lounges, pool and Jacuzzi…. I went to the toilet first and it is just what you see in a Shangrila or a Ritz Carlton hotel … very nice…. I saw also the typical massage rooms, they are private small suites, I went back to the massage saloon where I saw some sort of a duty manager with several ladies around for greeting and assisting, all formally well dressed, I was offered Chinese tea and placed on a comfortable massage chair ready for the foot massage, I thought one of these ladies will be the reflexology therapist, but few minutes later, a tall man showed up carrying a pot of the massage cream, his face looked little weird, his face is plastic calm, he started the massage immediately without a foot bath by applying a lot of cream and it was hard, I asked him to be slower, he could not understand English well, so I informed one of the ladies around, he continued with less force , but without any effectiveness, the massage is obviously not good and his face look made me feel very weird … so, I decided to leave….. I started to look stressed and unhappy, the ladies noticed that, one of them came close and asked me about my name …etc…, I complained to her that the therapist started the foot massage without a foot bath and that made me very uncomfortable and do not demonstrate good hygiene, I requested to stop the massage and go, they all were surprised, I firmly ordered stoppage of the massage, after that, I requested a place where I can clean my feet from the excessive cream, they lead me to the showers …. The showers are separated by walls and very clean but all open so everybody can see everybody ???!!!! …. I stepped into a shower and applied Dettol soap and cleaned my feet very well …. I then went back to the reception area and paid the massage fee without arguments but complained about the quality of the massage therapy …. The lady manager thanked me … and I hurried out… it is probably again a gay oriented club…. 372 HKD went down the drain, but I discovered the place which is probably similar to many others venues of the same nature in HK, I appreciate any comments or guidance on that …..

Kowloon at night

The night was coming down, I stopped for a coffee and went through several stores, the lively Kowloon area is very vibrant at night with lights and crowds everywhere. In the middle of this, I was invited to another massage by a street old lady, I went up to check on that just to rest from street crowds and find out what is it, surprisingly, it was busy place, a Japanese couple on 2 adjacent chairs undergoing foot massage, the women being handled by a very young boy, other 2 chairs are also occupied, the rooms inside looked busy with clients both women and men receiving various treatments. The place is a flat with probably total of 5 rooms and reception area used also to place the foot massage chairs, I was on a chair and my feet were placed in a very hot small tub, very relaxing, 10-minutes later a GREAT !!! foot massage was on, the best EVER !!! the therapist was very experienced, she was little old (50+) and did not talk much, but was very smiling and friendly, the place was managed by a young man who knows English very well, several other clients came in during my 45 minutes session, both sexes and the majority were seeking foot massage, only a western pal came in later for 90 minutes body oil massage and he was assigned a younger therapist. Near the completion of my session, the manager offered me to combo with a 15-minutes shoulders & neck massage for a small increase in the price, I took the offer and I was on the small chair with my back facing the therapist and she performed a VERY NICE shoulders and neck pressing, it was great, I paid less than 200 HKD and gave the therapist about 50 HKD, she was very happy and smiling and greeted me to the door with very friendly way …. I loved it …. The cheapest, yet the BEST … , forgot to mention that I was reminded on my way out to try their 90 minutes full body massage tomorrow, which I did not offcourse, may be some other occasion.

Sexy Parlour

It was 8:30 pm and I was feeling ready to go to bed, on my way back to the hotel, I saw a big sign in a wide main road in Kowloon for massage club, the sign had girls animation, I went to check on that …. Many sexy photos on the entrance, I was invited in, I went down there, a reception with lockers and shower only, not very clean, and behind that there are wood cabins located in both sides of a narrow and long corridor, the photos showed ladies giving Swedish and Thai massages …etc… I decided to have this as my Finale for the day before going to the bed …. I requested 45 minutes session, the price is 286 HKD, again, the issue of taking my shirt and clothes off , I refused and insisted that all I need is back pressing, they lead me to one of the cabins … I was expecting to see a sexy female therapist given the many implications I saw around, instead a fat GrandMom (+70 yrs), opened the cabin door with prostitutes like make up and shirt showing part of her large breasts, I was shocked and disgusted, but what the hick …. I told myself, I am here for the back pressing.

Offcourse, no English at all, the boys running the show told her about my request, I was then head down on the table and she started rubbing my back in a random way, then she came to the front to reach my shoulders while placing her semi-uncovered arms very close to my face and moving them on my cheeks, I was freaked out …. It was completely useless …. I tried to raise my head several times to say something, but she kept pushing it down and firming the grip of her semi-naked arms even more on my cheeks, I jumped up and told her to STOP and I want to go, she also freaked out and did not know what to do, the cabin is equipped with a phone, she called somebody….. he came and asked me what I want ??? , I told him I want a back pressing and this lady do not know how to do it, he complained that my refusal to take my clothes off is the problem here …. I insisted that I want a back pressing …. He replied :” this is what she was doing ..” , I replied back saying she was completely useless and just rubbing my back in a random and ineffective way, he still insist, the problem is my shirt still on …. I requested to leave, at the pay counter, I tried to negotiate to pay only a fraction of the agreed 286 HKD, but apparently, it was not possible, after rounds of discussions, I accepted their offer to try with another therapist, I decided I will have value for my money and went back to the cabin, little later, a MOM only (+50 yrs) showed up, same make up and everything, I told her I want back pressing, this woman was smart and experienced, she massaged me with her feet while using some sort of a support on the cabin roof, it was great, my back cracked everywhere, the press was strong and she did it with a lot of passion, I was head down all the time and I felt that she is using her weight to press my body firmly, I loved it …. It was Great…. I thanked her and told her I am finished and need to go… she replied saying:” why go… happy happy … stay”, I thanked her again, she was worried that I am leaving because I am not satisfied with her massage, but I assured her I am OK and she did a good job … and so I left …feeling at least I got some value for the 286 HKD I paid.

That’s all…….

A Thai massage is a technic from Thailand. It involves stretching of the muscles. the masseuse will not only use her hands but also her foot, knees and elbows. In Hong Kong this technic will be performed by local masseuses, not by Thai. because of Thailand’s reputation with the sex industry, he name Thai massage is often confused as a sexual service. This is really the opposite. Its a very strong massage, could be painful. not recommended meant a relaxing massage.

hai massage is carried on a receive. This is the art and science in the health of Thai people. Despite the technological advances of modern medicine will play an important role. In the health care of people around the world. However, many people are. Seek other alternatives. In their health care. With different Thai traditional medicine as an alternative. For the health of Aachen. And popular. Growing.

There have been a pain medication. And I kind of sedative. And the complications. Some types of pain such as severe abdominal pain, ulcers in the stomach. Vomiting of blood.

Research support from the Thai massage. Can help relieve pain. It is useful.

There are many massage parlors Hong Kong, especially in the Kowloon Peninsula, north of Hong Kong Island . And finding these houses are really easy to massage, but from Kowloon is composed of many districts, but choosing the best location of the hotel will make your holiday in Hong Kong much easier and fun. First there is a sauna massage That operate within large commercial buildings . These establishments are usually a package where you get to use the facilities of sauna, karaoke to meet the ladies, lunch and snacks and, of course, sex. Depending on the sauna massage establishment place to go to may pay a premium price. Then there are the massage parlors that take place in the apartment that doubles as a place of residence masseurs. Getting a massage and special services in these establishments will not take you so carefully as you would in a sauna massage. However, services in massage parlors are much more affordable. Now the best places to stay in Kowloon several popular neighborhoods Mongkok, Jordan and Tsim Tsa Tsui. The good news is you can walk through each of these districts very easily because they are very close and are in the middle of Kowloon, where there are plenty of restaurants, shops and most importantly, where many MTR Train stations are located. This way you can get to the bar girls and other massage parlors in Hong Kong Island. Find sauna massage parlors are easy, as they are very visible. Find massage parlors can be a bit more complicated. However, there is a very popular in Hong Kong, with photos of women, and shows where the services they offer. So if it comes to massage parlors that you want and need every time you are in Hong Kong, head to the districts of Kowloon. That’s where all the action.