Hot oil massage

To really step up while giving a massage a hot oil massage is a great way to treat your partner. With a few basic steps you are able to give him or her a nice, pampering experience in the comfort of your own bedroom. By using hot oil during the massage you partner will feel the need to relax and drift off while you are treating him or her with a great massage. Hot massage oil can be used with every massage technique. Sticking with the technique that you are familiar with might be a good idea, especially if you are trying hot massage oil for the first time.

There are many choices you can make while buying massage oil. If you want to heat up the oil it is wise to ask the sales clerk how the oil can be heated best. It might be difficult to pick a type of oil while there are so many things to choose. Keep in mind you partner should not get distracted by the scent and if he or she tends to have allergies it might be wise to buy anti allergy massage oil. Some people have a thing for aroma therapy or certain scents. A good store or online shop can help you pick the right massage oil for you and your partner.

To start of a proper hot oil massage it is important to have a clean, private and relaxed area you can perform the treatment in. This means switch your phones off, lock the doors, make sure you are alone in the house and don’t have any appointments on your calendar for the next few hours. That way you both will have enough time to relax and enjoy each other without being disturbed or rushed. Also having the needed material within reach is very helpful. Make sure you place enough towels near the massage area which can be used to absorb the oil when needed or cover your partner when he or she tends to get cold.

Most massage oils can be heated in a microwave shortly. This is a fast and easy way to heat your oil, but make sure it’s not too hot before you pour it all over your partner. First pour a bit of oil on your wrist to test the temperature and put a bit on your hands to warm them up. That way you are sure you won’t burn your partner with oil that is way too hot.

Make sure you choose a massage technique that you are familiar with. Trying to use hot oil for the first time can add to the experience for both your partner and yourself. This means it is very handy if you know some tricks so you can focus on enhancing the massage by using the oil instead of thinking about the technique. You can apply the massage oil slowly during the whole massage, that way you are sure not to use too much oil at once. You can use a knitted or electric mug warmer for example to keep the oil nice and warm during the treatment.

A good hot oil massage is a massage in which both the one receiving the treatment and the one giving it are able to relax and enjoy. The massage can help to relax muscles, treat tense muscles and muscle aches, help with tiredness and stress related issues. Of course the massage is a nice treat to both yourself and your partner, some real quality time you can spend together. The best part of it is, after this it’s your turn!


How to massage your partner

Relax and enjoy

After a long week of hard work, travel and being busy it is very important to have some time to relax and enjoy. One of the best ways to relax is to give your partner a great massage and receive a massage from your partner afterwards. There are many advantages in giving a massage to your partner such as the ability to relax in your own comfortable environment and the opportunities to end the massage just the way you and your partner like. It can also boost the relationship and trigger sexual feelings that might have been ignored for a while. Also it is a cheap, easy and comfortable way to relax, spend quality time together and invest in your relationship.

Learn the needs of the body and mind

There are many reasons to spend some time on giving each other a massage; rather than lay on the couch watching television. It is important to learn what your partner likes in a massage and of course what you like in a treatment. By paying attention to the body and directions of your partner you can learn this quite fast. Besides that the preparation is very important to give a great massage. It is key to decide beforehand what your main focus will be, that way you can create the vibe and atmosphere that is needed as well as creating the opportunity to lead your partner towards the state you decided on. Trying to get your partner relaxed needs a different approach then when you want your partner to get aroused. Music, scented candles, essential oils and massage techniques can help accomplish the best massage treatment possible in the privacy of your own home.

Prepare a massage

To really pamper your partner after a busy week you can surprise him/her with a nice relaxing massage in the comfort of your own bedroom. When you decide on giving a relaxing massage there are many tools that can help. Firstly it is very helpful to search for a simple step by step manual on the kind of massage you are willing to give to see if there are any tips and tricks you don’t know about yet. By using candles and music you can create a nice atmosphere in the bedroom. Make sure the temperature is okay and have towels near you to cover up after or during the massage. Use massage oil which is of good quality and smells nice, scents can set the tone easily.
When choosing for a more sensual or sexual massage it is important to make sure the atmosphere is comfortable, relaxed and private. Make sure that when using candles you are not able to knock them over and you can consider massage oil that can also be used as a lubricant also. You can search for some tips and tricks to tease and seduce your partner during the massage to get him/her aroused and turned on without going too fast or too slow. You can choose to use your body and massage oil only to stroke, kneed, touch and tease your partner. You can also decide to use extra tools to spice it up a bit. You can think of sex toys for example, or you could think of tying your partner up before or during the massage to increase the tension. This all depends on your personal preferences and how you think you can treat and pamper your partner. The most important things to think about are to provide your partner with a safe, comfortable, cozy warm environment where you will not be disturbed during the massage so he/she can completely relax. Try to focus on the needs of your partner to give him/her an unforgettable experience, with perhaps a ‘surprise’ ending.


Wellness treatments

Wellness centres

Since 2001 the popularity of wellness centres and saunas has reached a new high. People have found their way to the wellness centres and saunas to relax and pamper themselves after a stressful time or just to have a moment to their selves  There are lots of reasons why wellness treatments have become very popular. Most centres offer treatments in various price classes and for several causes. Releasing stress is the most popular reason to book a sauna, massage or other treatment. Most spas offer special packages for young couples, people who feel more comfortable wearing a bathing suit in the sauna and high tea arrangements for a day out with girlfriends. For almost every occasion you can book an arrangment that will suit your needs.


Wellness is a broad definition including spas, saunas and treatments for the body and relaxing the mind. A hot stone massage or wellness massage for example are treatments that can be booked for reasonable prices and will give a moment of complete relaxation. Muscle aches, stress, health issues concerning tiredness and blood circulation can be treated with a nice massage or day at the sauna. Spending a day at the sauna can improve your health and give your body and mind an energy boost. Saunas have proven their health benefits in several studies, lots of types of saunas can be found in a wellness centre varying from a traditional Swedish sauna to steam cabins and scented sauna treatments. Also some beauty treatments are part of the possible arrangements that can be made in most wellness centres. For example a mudd facial or scrub treatment can improve the quality of your skin and make it feel soft and healthy.


Most spas, saunas and wellness centres offer several massages to help relax the body and mind. Some centres even offer sport massages or Thai massages for clients that are suffering from muscle aches and injuries that can only be slightly treated by a relaxation massage. Usually the massages offered are focussed on relaxation and small muscle aches. A relaxation massage, hot stone massage and scented oil massage are treatments that are offered in most centres. A professional masseuse will focus on relaxing both the body and mind by stroking, kneading and touching the back, neck and arms. Also a foot massage is offered regularly for a nice and relaxing feeling troughout the body. Small injuries and stiffness of the muscles can be treated with these kind of massage therapies.


One of the biggest differences between a massage parlor and a spa, wellness centre or sauna is the focus on relaxation. A spa or wellness centre is usually decorated in a nice and comfortable way to create a relaxed atmosphere in which clients can wander around in their bath robe without feeling out of place. Tidyness and a high service level are key to create a relaxing environment for clients that come for the day to relax and pamper their selves  When you book an arrangement at your local wellness centre or sauna usually lunch or dinner and some drinks like fresh orange juice and tea are included to help clients feel relaxed without thinking about any additional costs or making lunch and dinner for that one day of ‘me time’. By offering several relaxing massages, beauty treatments and specials as a mud treatment especially woman can relax and freely enjoy their day. Ask your local spa, wellness centre or sauna for any special deals or arrangements to fully enjoy a day of relaxation and pampering yourself to fully enjoy all the facilities offered. For every budget there are treatments and arrangements to be booked.