Hot oil massage


To really step up while giving a massage a hot oil massage is a great way to treat your partner. With a few basic steps you are able to give him or her a nice, pampering experience in the comfort of your own bedroom. By using hot oil during the massage you partner will feel the need to relax and drift off while you are treating him or her with a great massage. Hot massage oil can be used with every massage technique. Sticking with the technique that you are familiar with might be a good idea, especially if you are trying hot massage oil for the first time.

There are many choices you can make while buying massage oil. If you want to heat up the oil it is wise to ask the sales clerk how the oil can be heated best. It might be difficult to pick a type of oil while there are so many things to choose. Keep in mind you partner should not get distracted by the scent and if he or she tends to have allergies it might be wise to buy anti allergy massage oil. Some people have a thing for aroma therapy or certain scents. A good store or online shop can help you pick the right massage oil for you and your partner.

To start of a proper hot oil massage it is important to have a clean, private and relaxed area you can perform the treatment in. This means switch your phones off, lock the doors, make sure you are alone in the house and don’t have any appointments on your calendar for the next few hours. That way you both will have enough time to relax and enjoy each other without being disturbed or rushed. Also having the needed material within reach is very helpful. Make sure you place enough towels near the massage area which can be used to absorb the oil when needed or cover your partner when he or she tends to get cold.

Most massage oils can be heated in a microwave shortly. This is a fast and easy way to heat your oil, but make sure it’s not too hot before you pour it all over your partner. First pour a bit of oil on your wrist to test the temperature and put a bit on your hands to warm them up. That way you are sure you won’t burn your partner with oil that is way too hot.

Make sure you choose a massage technique that you are familiar with. Trying to use hot oil for the first time can add to the experience for both your partner and yourself. This means it is very handy if you know some tricks so you can focus on enhancing the massage by using the oil instead of thinking about the technique. You can apply the massage oil slowly during the whole massage, that way you are sure not to use too much oil at once. You can use a knitted or electric mug warmer for example to keep the oil nice and warm during the treatment.

A good hot oil massage is a massage in which both the one receiving the treatment and the one giving it are able to relax and enjoy. The massage can help to relax muscles, treat tense muscles and muscle aches, help with tiredness and stress related issues. Of course the massage is a nice treat to both yourself and your partner, some real quality time you can spend together. The best part of it is, after this it’s your turn!