Shiatsu massage


What is Shiatsu massage

Shiatsu massage is a Japanese treatment which comes across as a combination of Western knowledge about anatomy and physiology combined with eastern practices as acupressure and using the energy flow of the body. This treatment has been developed by Tokujiro Namikoshi and refined by his son Toru Namikoshi. This massage technique is based on the idea that only hands, fingers and thumbs are needed to give a client a massage. The massage therapist does not use any force while treating the body, the body weight of the client is used to apply pressure on the pressure points. The massage therapist will use their bare hands for the massage and usually both therapist and client keep on their clothes. Because the shiatsu therapist will not apply a lot of pressure and will treat the surface there is no need to undress for this massage. Shiatsu massage has its focus on treating small health issues. Most Shiatsu masseuses will be clear that they do not treat severe health issues like cancer, but for example muscle aches or headaches can be treated very well.

Treat health issues

Shiatsu massage can be very beneficial for people dealing with stress related health issues, sore muscles and tiredness. There are quite some issues that can be treated by relaxing the muscles and applying pressure on the pressure points. A big difference between Shiatsu and acupressure or acupuncture is that Shiatsu massage treats all pressure points. This treatment does not focus on particular pressure points in order to treat a certain issue; all pressure points will be treated during a massage. People dealing with back pains, migraine, stress related headaches, stiffness, mobility issues, tiredness and tense muscles can benefit greatly from a Shiatsu massage. Also people dealing with stomach issues, pain in the intestines, PMS, menstrual pains, whiplash, knee issues, dizziness, insomnia and hyperventilation can benefit from this treatment. Although there is no scientific proof this massage helps to treat the mentioned health issues, clients are feeling much better after they have had a Shiatsu treatment. The massage can be part of a bigger health plan including western medicine, or it can be a nice way to treat yourself with a relaxing massage. For some people it will be a great advantage that pressure points are used to treat issues besides muscle aches, and that they can be dressed during the massage.

The Shiatsu treatment

There are different styles of Shiatsu massage and many teachers that have grown into their own ways to perform a treatment. Depending on your wishes a modern or classical Shiatsu treatment can be more of use for your personal preferences. The massage parlor or massage therapist can inform you best about the differences between the treatments they offer. All massages do respect the same basic. A Shiatsu massage is performed on the floor where the client is lying on a little Japanese mattress called a futon. The massage therapist will use his or her hands as the only tool to perform the massage and will not apply pressure by force; the body weight of the client is used to apply pressure to the pressure points on the body. The energy of the body is important to this technique. This energy called Ki can be disrupted or blocked, the main focus of Shiatsu massage is to restore the free energy flow and help the body and mind get balanced. By applying pressure to all the recognized pressure points in the body the energy flow is restored and minor health issues can be treated. Not only will tense muscles and stress related headaches have disappeared, the client will feel energized and relaxed after a well performed Shiatsu massage.