Hong Kong’s red light district “quietly recovery


Hong Kong Gu’an

Hong Kong police are often large-scale anti-vice operation codenamed “Phoenix”, “Kirin” also often send police officers undercover arrest prostitutes, crack down on the yellow frame step, but often “wild fire, spring wind and Health. ” In fact, on the Hong Kong than 100 years ago has been a legal red-light district, but later the United Kingdom to implement the policy of the prohibition of prostitution, only to be banned. In recent years, the red-light district of Hong Kong as the economy improved quietly recovery. Prostitution legalization Recently, a group, regardless of the co-illegal pornographic industry in fact has never stopped.

Some people say that Hong Kong is not just the City of shoppers’ paradise, and financial center, or a sexy, happy paradise, desire and erotic center. As an international metropolis, every day in the interpretation of the world’s most popular fashion, showing the world the latest cultural trends and the most modern way of living. At the same time, there are Asia’s largest nightclub, the Hong Kong original one-woman brothels, and more from around the world, “all kinds” and “sister Tsai. Countries and regions gluttonous ghost who can in this whole wide world to find their favored Girls. As Hong Kong has always been a gentleman itself is how to deal with the prostitution industry quietly to survive the night – the red light district? Where is the red-light district in Hong Kong? The Government is monitoring?

The first red-light district and nightclubs

Hong Kong’s red light district has a long history, back in the early days of the early nineteenth century, that ocean prostitutes brothels set up in Lyndhurst Terrace, Hong Kong Island. Subsequent Chinese brothels are concentrated in the Po Hing Fong area of Victoria Peak District. In 1857, the British Hong Kong Government issued the first legislation concerning STDs test venereal diseases Regulations require brothels need licensable can business, and thus higher brothels began to be concentrated in the Possession of the Hong Kong West Central and gradually formed a senior extravagant red-light district, this is the first red-light district, is also a scholar described the predecessor of the “Angel Delight”. 1879 Legislative Council Third Reading through the collection of brothels and prostitutes license Beverages, to allow licensing of prostitutes and brothels in designated areas of business, from officially opened a Hong Kong licensed prostitutes Curtain.

In 1903, the British Hong Kong Government to rebuild the of Possession District and prosperity just completed the reclamation of Shek Tong Tsui District, ordered the Possession of prostitution and the Dazhai all relocated to Shek Tong Tsui District, along with brothels and related the restaurant moved to the former filthy quarry transformed into debauchery, fantastic fireworks place. “Angel Delight” heyday of the early twenties of the last century, when about the size of brothels more than 50, more than two thousand prostitutes, the region of one of hundreds of thousands of people have been not a small figure.

1932, the British Hong Kong Government does not allow the prostitutes to legalize the grounds of the British Government, and the subsequent promulgation of the prohibition of prostitution orders requiring foreign prostitutes must be closed down immediately closed down Chinese prostitutes within a time limit of three years, until 1935, Tong The Tsui prostitution and all closed down, and Hong Kong history of prostitution and the formal end.

Prostitution and history is over, but not on behalf of the industry of Hong Kong prostitutes disappeared. “Poor longing for change, rich Sinodata, music students want to” This is the nature of human unchanged. With Hong Kong’s economic development and social change, the prostitution industry in Hong Kong started the evolution with the times. From the thirties of the last century into the 1960s, Hong Kong’s brothels because of the Government’s ban has been piecemeal in the form of business, mainly located in Sheung Wan and Jordan, Yau Ma Tei. The 1960s, the U.S. war against Vietnam, Hong Kong became a naval transit base, every day a large number of American sailors stranded in Hong Kong, up to tens of thousands of Many of these American sailors Playboy ashore after pleasure, so naturally created the market for a life away. Anglo closely related to the actions of U.S. soldiers, the British Hong Kong authorities naturally open eyes closed eyes, so all of a sudden boom in the prostitution industry in Hong Kong. U.S. warship was parked in the Wan Chai harbor, when the red light district quietly along Lockhart Road, Wan Chai, the wind is up. Said that up to a Lockhart Road on both sides of even thick with hundreds of bars, the aggregation of two or three thousand prostitutes, showing the red-light district of the scale of To the 1970s, with the end of the Vietnam War, the debauchery of the Wan Chai red light district, the grand and night and complains no longer appear, but the area is still a bar gathering, lo buy a place of joy.

And the sex industry in brothels Health Warning is the rising star of the nightclub. Talked about nightclubs in Hong Kong, can not fail to mention in Wan Chai, Tonnochy Road Tonnochy nightclub. The last century before the 1940s, Hong Kong’s economy and culture is not developed, such as Shanghai, so there is nothing luxurious nightclubs and other entertainment. The early 1950s, the Hong Kong entertainment began large-scale development, the beginning of the founding of new China in Shanghai and the coastal one with a large number of business people who moved to Hong Kong, they brought not only capital and business experience.

In 1948, the Mayflower restaurant owners, yellow ball modeled on the architectural style in Europe, Italy and France and several Shanghai to Hong Kong businessman has spent a lot built in Tonnochy Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong’s most luxurious ballroom, and was named Tonnochy dance halls can be described as the first nightclub. The Tonnochy dance halls can only dance, a dancer Miss a bell to be charged 40 yuan, but was a second-tier movie star shooting a drama only 800 yuan, so the “Miss Du Laozhi your star,” said. So expensive consumption, into the dance halls of the Tonnochy naturally rich that expensive. In 1984, the Lee family in Hong Kong optimistic about the entertainment industry, the acquisition of the Tonnochy dance hall and a heavily redesigned to be the first on Hong Kong Island’s most luxurious nightclub. Tonnochy nightclub nightlife of Hong Kong lit a beacon, and has since begun to flourish in Hong Kong entertainment. The combination of almost all of Hong Kong singers, all singing, all starry Tonnochy nightclub, attracting celebrities from all walks of life in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia, Deal or No Deal tycoon businessmen here. Two the Tonnochy nightclub fame and limelight.

Sister earners from around the world

With the end of the Vietnam War, the American sailors to the opportunity in Hong Kong in the 1970s greatly reduced, lo, the Wan Chai red light district lights dim, so that Hong Kong’s entertainment industry once again stumbled. Until the early 1980s, China has vigorously promote the reform and opening up policy, the Mainland’s economic take-off, and once again give the opportunity of a development of the red-light district of Hong Kong. In this way, the Chinese and the opportunity for some businesses, rapidly concentrated in the hotel tourist area – Tsim Sha Tsui East, massive construction projects, huh one of Asia’s largest and most luxurious nightclub – Regal nightclub, and Chinese nightclub, super-tycoon new Huadu, nightclubs, big spender, a sauna, a sauna and other nobles luxury entertainment.

The Fei sound international Regal nightclub, Kai Yip in 1984, is located in Tsim Sha Tsui East Mandarin Plaza, an area of 70,000 square meters, a total of more than 60 boxes VIP, 1,600 people from around the world professionally trained staff, every night can accommodate 1,200 guests. Rich known for its world-class nightclub, magnificent the dazzling豪装, large and impressive rooms, home services, carefully selected food and wine, rich and sexy performances, coupled with the ingenious lighting and music, and more hundreds of names from around the world shows burning beautiful youth with the carcass of beauty, the rich luxury and dissipation, Ambilight imperial enjoy the interpretation of the ordinary.

Top facilities, emperors enjoy, the consumer will pay for the natural lot of money, a bell of a single beauties to accompany drink a glass of wine, a little be a Taurus ($ 1,000). ○ six years of international football star – Three Real Madrid star made ​​a special trip from Europe to the rich tiles, one drink a few glasses of wine, a few beauties to chat with a bell each person has to pay more than three thousand Hong Kong dollars.

The 1980s and 1990s Hong Kong red-light district has actually moved from the North Island to Kowloon. So-called red-light district, of course, more than a nightclub is so simple (in fact, many night clubs have services provided), there are all kinds, a wide range, such as sauna, massage, foot bath are in fact prostitution rings. Whether the fear the fearless openly flaunt the banner of the rings were “authentic North Regardless, the New Taiwan sister, for example, African Black Panther”, “The Japanese Way We even” school girl “,” good and decent young woman , “” innocent girls “,” local girl “doing business signs varied, endless. These “sister class” the majority of work in more than one frame step and nightclubs, and some local girl in the “one-woman brothels” long-term business. More individual “street prostitution” Mohr-McClune, in the street are older or poor business enterprises. In recent years, the New Territories Park “Uncle killer” refers to a group of young women from the Mainland to hold travel documents, length of stay in Hong Kong to the park designed to pull in the sex trade in the old Arbor, these transactions wins in a cheap, once only charge more than one hundred yuan.

Prostitutes well recognized clients Nanbian

After the handover, dancing, horse racing, social systems, industry structure and lifestyle of the people do not have any change in the “red-light district red light is still hanging. Today, Hong Kong still has no legal red-light district, but in fact the red light district again with the economic recovery and recovery. Hong Kong’s red-light district “in addition to older areas such as Wan Chai and Tsim Sha Tsui East, outside the Temple, mainly in North Point, Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, Mong Kok, Sham Shui Po? Even in To Kwa Wan and the New Territories Lang has to meddle. Mong Kok and Yau Ma Tei Street, bowls Portland Street and Sham? Fuk Wing Street is the most prosperous. Prostitution rings, according to informed sources, this “Fung House”, “bar”, “massage”, “sauna”, nightclubs, etc. to provide sexual services up to more than 300, was hidden in three or four thousand colored all sorts of sex workers, accounting for half of the overall sex industry in Hong Kong.

The sex industry in Hong Kong to Hong Kong people, has a long history, repeated sweeping endless, basically hold the helpless and tolerant attitude, but most can not make some of late honest woman accepted, and is not soliciting sex under the signboard of the enterprise Street prostitutes, but those who casually knocking around the clients. Those living in the red-light district especially those who live in the colored fluorescent tubes (prostitution rings logo) lamp of late women, often by asking about the price of harassment of clients men, they reflect the prostitutes are generally more easily recognizable, while their clients are men there is no difference with ordinary men, so often illegible shunned. Are not many people to his wife and daughter of late harassment, reluctant to buy expensive area outside the building, do not want to live cheap in pornographic light. So the building of Hong Kong street prostitution rings were concentrated and thus cheaper.

Both Hong Kong red-light district in an unregistered nature, and that how they advertise, stroke publicity to promote their own? In fact, according to the Hong Kong advertising Television Ordinance, as long as does not reveal the three points is not illegal, so those topless (covered with patterns for two points), only the briefs, the burning sensuality youth carcass the female Maichun do now photo is filled newspapers and magazines, some three publications such as: “Dragon Tiger Balm, and Spring House,” “man”, “adultery”, “Sichun” and other magazines, some newspapers such as the Hong Kong Daily News, Sing Pao Daily News also has a pornographic layout. With the popularity of computer networks, many prostitution rings started to use web publishing prostitutes advertising, so that clients can choose vivid human through the Internet. Actually well aware of the prostitution of wise old birds who often red-light district of Hong Kong market, where North Regardless, where Miss Russia, where there is new stuff, they say very familiar, in addition to the prostitutes for men to enjoy, there are some Jour provide consumer genetic male prostitutes. A few days ago the police in a restaurant once the away 31 Thai duck, do not think duck is cheaper than chicken. It is for that alone Peizuo will be 200 yuan, such as going out to provide sexual services once the meat of $ 2,000, it appears that the duck is more expensive than chicken.

People with intellectual disabilities are also prostitutes

Why in recent years, Hong Kong’s pornography industry is fierce so prosperous According to industry insiders Mr. Wong said the economy to a good income increase on the one hand, on the other hand, to go northward than that, although the Hong Kong prostitute meat were lower than the north expensive, but to go northward travel expenses and hotel fees time at least four or five doing is not cheap. Hong Kong is generally a good quality northern sister, full-service more than three hundred yuan. In fact, some white-collar middle-aged clients do not care about price, mainly care about the professional standards of service, especially a sense of security. Greatly reduced since the need to notify the families of the provisions of clients in the Mainland was arrested and paraded through the streets, these people desire to north, and thus a boom in Hong Kong’s red-light district.

On the centuries-old Hong Kong sex industry, what side of a most prosperous era? Mr Wong said that generally speaking, every period of economic prosperity the sex industry is certainly busy, such as the eighties and nineties, Hong Kong’s prostitution rings can be described as everywhere, prosperity and prostitution (Chang) Sheng. Strong market clients a premium meat “than poverty prostitution is” an unprecedented expansion of the concept, many housewives, school girls, and even Miss Bai Ling can not stop the money and inducements, the night crept into the red-light district. The most popular, thousands of vice step up to more than 20,000 female full-time or part-time service.

When it comes to what people up to be prostitutes, Mr. Wong, the past record, what people have in the operation of the “sauna” to use the service the population, is generally more a single person, three lines of workers, the health of husband and wife do not student brother, civil servants and professionals, of course, there are some, even the disabled are no exception. Most Hong Kong people puzzled and angry unemployed to those who rely on government grants (commonly known as take CSSA) for a living, they actually took taxpayers for their living expenses, glamorous to prostitutes, and a flagrant violation of our welfare system .

Do not think that the prostitutes who are physically strong, strong sexual desire of believers, even the disabled as a desire to enjoy human pleasure. Mr Wong revealed that once a mother with an apparent stupidity about the 20-year-old man came to the step, said his son came to earth nearly three decades, do not know what sort of woman, because He is a mentally retarded person, neither can marry no one is willing to marry him, but he is after is a physiological normal man, the right to enjoy the services of a woman asking his son to arrange a beautiful young girl, and said money is not a problem , but the girl must take to serve his son, is really a “great mother”. Mr Wong said, people with intellectual disabilities, as well as clients in wheelchairs, on crutches, in short, “the woods big, what kind of bird has” the world, what kind of people have. However, most clients are gentle people, suit friends, take the red light district simply can not see that they are clients, not most people imagine rustic wretched petty salty guy or rough Lulu site workers.

Police anti-vice have been sex workers protest

Hong Kong red-light district through street are prostitution rings, but the government does not legally recognize their existence. The Government requires that the prostitute and prostitution is an offense not only prostitutes and prostitution against the law, the instigation of even the public places / lure for immoral purposes are considered an offense. Police often take various actions and measures to combat in order to protect the dignity of the law and the public interest. Of course, thus causing the opposition and protests from human rights organizations and sex workers, especially the police too much power and robbing privilege undercover repeated public opinion has been criticized and accused of sexual workers protest death to safeguard the dignity of sex workers.

November 2006, on behalf of territory more than 1,500 prostitutes, sex workers organization “Midnight Blue” co concern the organization of sex workers “Wisteria” first took to the streets to protest against police abuse of power and violence. They believe that sex work is work and should be respected by the community, especially law enforcement officers. They announced in the government door police elected by the people and sex workers, the most serious abuse of power events, including:

(1) sex workers Liwan Yi police officers undercover false accusations suicides (the incident workers Liwan Yi, 2005 undercover police after receiving oral sex refuse payment Chief false accusations of extortion, Li aggrieved suicide, their families, and though The police complaint, but so far without result).

2. CAPO us check our own people, and to prevent complaints from sex workers.

Police allow police officers undercover to accept masturbation service (commonly known as the aircraft) and.

(4) the police burst in the hotel door rounds, bare tenant for men and women in front of people.

Changsha police station posted “I management firm flow, good or ugly, in short, the immediate concern not to leave” anti-vice slogan.

6. Sex workers to be imposed in addition to the shirt body searches, beatings and other torture in police stations.

The police used cell phone cameras face of the sex workers, invasion of privacy.

“Midnight Blue” streets to protest the incident, the police paid special attention to timely respond to police the police officers in anti-vice and license checks clear internal guidelines, such as any violation will be dealt with severely, but some police officers in action whether abuse of power and undercover police officers should enjoy the free masturbation Service, did not make a positive reply. According to media reports, police are studying the feasibility of a formal set the red-light district, and has been with the red-light district of the national and regional law enforcement officers understand the effectiveness of red-light district of management to address prostitution. Some people think that Hong Kong re-prostitutes to legalize a matter of time.